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Sound Safety Practices for Petaluma

Accident attorneys regularly represent people who have experienced severe accidents due to the negligence of others. Our Petaluma personal injury law attorneys are particularly concerned that car crash injuries appear to be on the rise. Safety officials, car accident attorneys report, say that a decline in car crash injuries after 2008 was likely due to the Recession. With the improved economy around the Bay Area and Petaluma, personal injury attorneys note that accident rates are up. Unfortunately, our accident attorneys say that drivers are repeating their bad habits on the roadways of Petaluma.

Our personal injury attorneys think the upcoming holiday season is a good time remind drivers of motoring practices that can save lives in Petaluma. Accident attorneys consult State Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) data for 2012 information about accidents in Petaluma. Our personal injury law attorneys report there were 242 fatal or injury car accidents. Our lawyers say the biggest cause was drunk drivers. Also at risk of death were bicyclists in Petaluma. Personal injury attorneys looked at the ‘type of arrests’ listed by OTS in Petaluma. Car accident attorneys say that 261 DUI arrests were logged. This puts our community in a dubious place. Petaluma, personal injury law attorneys report, ranks 88th out of 102 similar cities for DUI arrests. Clearly, personal injury attorneys see a need to reinforce the dangers of driving and drinking in Petaluma. Car accident lawyers believe that drinking and driving is one of the most preventable accidents in Petaluma. 

Personal injury law attorneys at Sette Law say that many people are unaware that a free mobile app is available to support designated drivers in California and Petaluma. Car accident attorneys say the app was developed by OTS and features special offers to designated drivers. Restaurants and bars offer ‘deals’ on nonalcoholic drinks, according to our Petaluma car crash lawyers plus many other benefits; and the app has links to Uber, Lyft and Curb for drivers in Petaluma. Personal injury law attorneys say the app is called DDVIP (Designated Driver VIP), available for iOS and Android devices.

At Sette law, our personal injury law attorneys are also paying close attention to another escalating driving-under-the-influence problem - prescription drugs and marijuana use. And, our car accident attorneys worry that with the moves for legalization of marijuana, DUI dangers may increase in Petaluma. 

Personal injury attorneys point to distracted driving as another burgeoning threat to safety in Petaluma. Our accident attorneys believe that the state’s ban on texting and hand-held calls needs greater attention. A significant percentage of drivers admit they’ve been distracted due to smart phone use, despite tickets and fines. Personal injury law attorneys know that technology continues to offer more smart phone conveniences that will tempt drivers in Petaluma. Car accidents, attorneys say, will only increase so long as drivers continue to defy the law and common sense.

Our personal injury law attorneys say that some automobile technology innovations might contribute to distracted driving by making drivers less attentive in Petaluma. Our accident attorneys point to the self-braking systems already in some cars. Will drivers assume the technology makes driver-attention less necessary on roadways of Petaluma? Personal injury law attorneys know that such rapid innovation defies the ability of state traffic laws to keep pace. According to our Petaluma accident attorneys the real solution is for drivers to take their responsibilities seriously.

A Call for Attention to Accident Increase
Other Petaluma accidents, lawyers report, are also on the rise. Motorcycle accidents are up, as are bicycle and pedestrian accidents. This increase, say personal injury law attorneys, comes after a significant drop in car crash injuries from 2006 to 2009. Safety officials attribute that 36 percent decline, report car accident attorneys, to the mandatory use of seat belts, adoption of air bags and other measures in Petaluma.

Therefore, personal injury law attorneys believe the increase in accidents since 2010 deserves to be examined. As we previously mentioned, our Petaluma car accident attorneys are particularly concerned about the increase in DUI car crash injuries and deaths. With the growing threat of driving with a marijuana high and increased use of prescription drugs, our Petaluma personal injury lawyers worry this trend may continue, potentially becoming a crisis for California and Petaluma. Car accident attorneys at Sette Law urge policy makers to work with law enforcement to better enforce existing laws. In addition, our personal injury law attorneys wonder if new laws are needed to address the potential legalization of marijuana. Clearly, the increase in DUI accidents indicates a troubling trend, according to our car accident attorneys in Petaluma.

Our personal injury attorneys suggest the same is true of laws that govern distracted driving. As new technologies replace driver controls in Petaluma, car accident attorneys believe motorists may become even more distracted. Until the full implementation of driverless cars, our personal injury lawyers say that motorists need to have their full attention on the task of driving in Petaluma. Accident attorneys say driverless vehicles remain in the future, but other innovations are already available in Petaluma. Accident car attorneys say self-parking and automatic braking are just the beginning. Will drivers assume they can turn their attention to other tasks, our car accident attorneys wonder. When technology assumes what was once driver responsibility, will distracted driving become more prevalent in Petaluma? Personal injury law attorneys suspect there will be a period of adjustment before traffic safety policy catches up.

At Sette law in Petaluma, our personal injury attorneys know that, ultimately, drivers must take individual responsibility for safety on our roads. Defensive driving, say car accident lawyers, is always a good tactic on the streets and freeways of Petaluma. Our personal injury law attorneys work with many people who have been car accident victims. Attorneys help them get compensation when they’ve been injured due to the negligence of another driver in Petaluma.  Our car accident attorneys know, however, that our clients would much rather the accident never happened. And, in many cases, our personal injury attorneys note, the Petaluma car crash injuries would not have happened, had one or both drivers been completely focused on the job of driving safely.