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Cautionary Alert about Petaluma Car Accidents

Attorneys at Sette Law in Petaluma know that summer months bring an increase of traffic to our picturesque and interesting region. Unfortunately, more cars and visitors also means Petaluma car accidents increase, and our injury Lawyers want to help keep our community safe. In this blog we talk about some of the most common driving dangers and how you can be aware of behaviors that threaten car accidents.

Our accident attorneys know that, although a handful of major accidents make news headlines, most do not. But any our accident lawyers say that any accident can cause painful and costly injury. Attorneys at Sette Law in Petaluma interact with accident victims on an almost daily basis. And, although we are committed to helping our clients receive just compensation for accident injuries, our lawyers prefer prevention to post-crash, legal remedies. We believe that, with increased awareness by the good drivers of Petaluma, car accidents can be avoided. In that spirit, our accident and injury lawyers offer the following information about the state’s most prevalent causes of car accidents.

Attorneys agree that one of the most preventable accident threats is drunk driving. Since the summer months seem to encourage excessive partying, increased numbers of impaired drivers may be on the roads of Petaluma headed for accidents. Our lawyers report that in June a 22-year-old, alcohol impaired driver from Petaluma caused an accident, sending another driver to the hospital with major injury. Attorneys, however, say that Petaluma has additional risks to drunk driving at any time of day due to our association with the attractions of the Wine Country. Consequently, Sette’s Petaluma accident lawyers advise heightened awareness at any time of day. Observe erratic drivers and steer clear to avoid an accident.

Attorneys say that statewide, in 2013, law enforcement made 214,828 arrests for driving under the influence. Even with this astounding record of arrests, thousands of people are killed every year in California in DUI accidents. Of course, our Petaluma injury attorneys know the best way to prevent drunk driving deaths and injuries is for people to show restraint and moderation if they drink and drive. Unfortunately, the record shows that impaired judgment often rules and at the end of the road there’s a serious DUI accident. Attorneys at Sette Law urge Petaluma residents to be hyper aware of the enhanced allure of our region for people who drive here to enjoy wine tasting.

Our Petaluma accident attorneys also caution residents about the risks of distracted driving. Even though we live in a community with a “laid-back” reputation, we are not immune from the nationwide trend of being distracted by cell phones with calls, texts and alerts. Distracted driving causes tragic accidents and lawyers increasingly encounter victims of this relatively new accident threat. Our attorneys learned that in April of this year, there were 57,000 violations written for distracted driving in California. Each one of those events could have led to a serious accident. Our lawyers also know that research by the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports that more than 50 percent of motorists admitted they had made a driving mistake while paying attention to their cell phone. Any one of those incidents could have led to a serious injury accident.

Lawyers reference an accident in the Central Valley in which a young man, allegedly checking a text on his cell phone, swerved into a bicycle lane. He hit a father and son. The dad, a recent immigrant to the U.S. was killed and his 8-year old son suffered critical injury. Our lawyers know that, as tragic and sad as this story is, it won’t stop the allure of cell phones – anytime, anywhere. Our Petaluma accident and injury attorneys suggest that drivers observe other drivers and note behavior that might suggest distracted driving that threatens an accident. Attorneys point out that a distracted driving accident can happen at any time of day.

Unfortunately, national statistics show that youth is associated with many car accidents. Attorneys tap data from insurance industry studies that show many drivers who run red lights are young. They tend to drive faster and, consequently, their heightened stop light violation can lead to more severe car accidents, attorneys add. The industry study additionally noted that 22 percent of all traffic accidents happen at intersections – a significant risk that should serve as a cautionary warning to motorists. Our injury lawyers also know that young drivers are statistically more likely, in general, to be involved in a car accident.

Petaluma injury attorneys say that driver fatigue is another leading cause of car accidents. Lawyers were alarmed to learn that a national study found that more than 35 percent of drivers said they had “drifted off” while driving a vehicle. The highest risk of encountering a fatigued driver is between 4 p.m. and dawn. In Petaluma, our injury lawyers say, this risk could be greatest on our freeways and rural highways that may encourage high speed driving that, couple with driver fatigue, could cause a very serious accident.

Injury attorneys in Petaluma observe that the summer of 2015 has already seen many car accidents. Our Lawyers report that young man was killed on Old Adobe Road, two more were killed in a head-on crash on Hwy 121 and many were injured in these and other Petaluma accidents. Recently, attorneys filed lawsuits over an earlier accident in which a mobile pizza oven broke away from its hitch, killing one and injuring others.

It’s clear to our Petaluma accident attorneys that drivers must be defensive on roadways because accidents can happen at any time, and from many causes. Although we, like other responsible motorists, would like reckless drivers to mend their ways, our accident and injury lawyers know that each of us is best served by increased vigilance and caution while behind the wheel. Car accidents, our attorneys know, can bring devastating financial and medical harm to good drivers. We represent the innocent victims as personal injury attorneys as they attempt to piece together their broken lives. As Petaluma accident attorneys and members of the Petaluma community we urge all drivers to be aware, responsible and consistently cautious.